What Are The Best Interior Paint Colors In 2024

Interior Designer Working With Palette For Choosing Colors

Want to paint the interior of your home, but you’re not sure what’s the right color for it? This quick guide will help you navigate through 2024’s top trending colors – all suggested by renowned designers. Let’s uncover those hues that will take center stage in 2024! Glidden Chalky Blue in 2024 Glidden Chalky Blue […]

Exterior Painting Cost Guide In Reston, VA

Exterior Painting House In Herndon Virginia

If you’re seeking to collaborate with a reliable painting company, look no further than EG Contracting in Reston. We’re committed to giving you a quality and detail-oriented paint job so you can let your home reach its full aesthetic potential and impress everyone in the neighborhood. The cost of exterior paint for a 2000 sq. […]

Interior Painting Cost Guide In Reston, VA

Interior Painting Cost Guide In Reston, VA

To avoid any guesswork and unpleasant surprises, just request a free pricing estimate, and we’ll reach back with a quote in just a business day. Your new interior painting project in Reston, VA, was delayed enough! In Reston, VA, the interior painting cost begins at $3,000. For an average-sized home, a comprehensive interior paint job […]

Exterior Painting In Reston, VA

Man On Ladder Doing Exterior Painting Reston VA

Transform your home into a masterpiece with EG Contracting’s top-notch exterior painting services! Transform your home with a quick, affordable, and efficient solution: exterior painting! Not only does a fresh coat of paint breathe new life into your space and establish a delightful atmosphere, but it also offers defense against the elements, prolonging the durability […]

Interior Painting In Reston, VA

House Interior Being Painted Blue In Reston VA

Looking to revitalize your home with top-notch interior painting? Look no further than EG Contracting Services. Transform the ambiance of your space and revive its allure with our budget-friendly interior painting in Reston, VA. Our team of skilled professionals will apply a fresh coat of paint that’s sure to enhance the atmosphere of your home […]

The Best Paint Primers On The Market In 2024

Roller Painting Wall In Motion

Fresh paint fails to stick properly without using a primer, and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to waste money and time on a painting job that won’t last more than a year. This post will guide you about the best paint primers available in 2024 that ensure every painting project is smooth and flawless. […]

Exterior Painting Cost Guide In Herndon, VA

exterior painting house in herndon va

If you’re looking to work with a truly superior painting company that not only meets but exceeds expectations, then EG Contracting in Herndon is the perfect choice!  Our exceptional attention to detail, unmatched craftsmanship, and passion for delivering outstanding results will guarantee you we can turn your space into a work of art. Exterior paint […]

Get Rid Of Lead-Based Paint In Your Home! Here’s Why

Lead Based Paint Dangers With Danger Sign

Are you living in a home with old layers of paint? Research highlights that houses painted before 1978 may contain lead-based paints, posing serious health risks. This article will guide you through the safest methods to identify and remove lead-based paint from your home and eliminate lead hazards so you and your loved ones can […]

The Best Interior Painting Cost Guide In Herndon, VA

house interior being painted blue in herndon

If you’re looking for a more accurate estimate for your upcoming interior painting project in Herndon, VA, request pricing now, and we’ll circle back within a business day! Interior painting in Herndon, VA starts at $3k. A complete interior paint job for an average-sized home starts at $8,500 and can vary based on project specifics. […]

How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint A 250 Sq Ft Kitchen

How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint A 250 Sq Ft Kitchen Metal used paint cans

Are you planning a kitchen makeover and wondering how much paint do you need for a 250 sq ft kitchen? Here’s an interesting fact: the average gallon of paint covers approximately 350-400 square feet with one coat. This article will guide you through steps to accurately calculate the quantity of paint required for your project, […]