The Best Exterior Painting Cost Guide In Centreville

If you want to add a new spark of life and vibrancy to your home’s exterior, EG Contracting is the perfect solution. 

We have been providing outstanding painting services for years that surpass all other competitors in this industry by delivering superior results each time. We take the necessary steps to protect and seal unpainted areas as well as repair any existing damage before we even begin our project—promising perfect results every time! 

If you’re curious about the exterior painting cost in Centreville, VA, read on!

The Typical Exterior Painting Cost In Centreville

Are you looking to give your Centreville home’s exterior a facelift? If so, the cost may vary depending on factors such as the size of your house, which materials are chosen for the job, and any modifications that are requested. Plus, bigger projects typically involve an even greater expense.

To get an idea of how much this might set you back, look at our average exterior painting costs below according to different-sized homes.

Size (square feet) Average Cost
Small $3.000 - $4.500
Medium $4.500 - $7.000
Large $7.000 - $13.000+

EG Contracting will give you a precise pricing quote after our in-home consultation, covering all the factors that go into your project. We’ll also provide solutions to make sure your overhaul doesn’t break the bank. Check out our exterior painting offer in Centreville right now!

Labor Costs By Square Feet In Centreville

Exterior painting costs are harder to estimate, so to come in your aid, we’ve assembled the average paint job costs based on a house’s square footage.

Exterior Painting Sq Ft Average Cost
1,000 sq ft $3,030
1,500 sq ft $4,544
2000 sq ft $6,059
2500 sq ft $7,576
3000 sq ft $9,091
3500 sq ft $10,605

Exterior Painting Costs Based On The Type Of Siding

Depending on the type of exterior material, painting it may require varying costs. For instance, if you’re dealing with painted wood that has started to peel off slightly due to wear and tear, a quick prime job is all that’s necessary after scraping and sanding the area.

Brick Siding

Taking on the task of painting an exterior brick home for the first time can be a costly feat, typically ranging anywhere from $7,889 to $12,583

With extra materials and manual labor costs in play – averaging out at roughly $3.15 to $5.02 per square foot – this number could start climbing rapidly! 

Not forgetting that masonry primer plus paint would also need to be accounted for prior to beginning any work, adding yet another burden onto your budget if you’re not prepared ahead of time.

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Aluminium Or Metal Siding

Aluminum siding averages $2.22 -$3.52 per square foot, which means that painting a two-story house with it will be around $5,522 – $8,807 and is definitely worth the investment. 

Having professionals do repainting every five years or so ensures that you always receive an outstanding outcome for maintaining your residence’s appearance without breaking the bank!

Metal siding on a large home

Vinyl Siding

Are you looking to give your home a stylish contemporary makeover without breaking the bank? Then look no further than painting vinyl siding! This straightforward method ranges from $5,259 – $8,388 for an average-sized house.

Even better is that it’s 10% more affordable per sq. ft. than traditional wood siding homes at approximately $2.11 – $3.35 per sq. ft., making this a great choice if budget is a concern.

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Stucco Siding

Investing in interior stucco painting usually ranges from $6,428 to $10,253. When the exterior of your house is a Tudor construction style, though, you should expect an additional 20% charge for the added complexities.

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Types Of Paint Finishes

Give your home a brand-new look with a fresh coat of paint! At our consultation, we’ll provide you with samples and guide you toward choosing the perfect finish for your walls. Let’s get started by reviewing some popular options that could help make this process easier.

Flat Paint Finish

For a long time, flat paint was all the rage. Nevertheless, as customers sought out more lustrous and resilient wall coverings with the passing of years, this particular type of paint saw its popularity decline drastically. 

Despite being porous and its matte finishes making it prone to fading from sun exposure or mildewing over time much faster than other paints do, some benefits still accompany using flat paint.

A significant upside to choosing a flat finish for your wall is its ability to mask blemishes on old walls. Remember, this type of finish should only be used on exterior surfaces; areas that don’t receive frequent contacts, such as doors and windows, are better suited with another type of texture.

Eggshell Paint Finish

Homeowners have grown to love eggshell paint’s attractive semi-glossy feel, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular. This type of paint lasts longer and requires less cleaning than flat paints, and power washing must be done regularly to maintain its look. Eggshell paint adds a touch of sophistication to any siding and truly completes your home decor!

Eggshell paint is a tremendous choice for older homes with wood or stucco surfaces. Its application leaves no brush stroke, roller edge, or spray marks – making it the ideal solution to hide even minor cracks and imperfections. 

Furthermore, its high-performance coat protects against everyday wear and tear and seasonal weather changes!

High-Gloss Finish

Make your house look like a painter’s dream by using a high-gloss sheen paint finish – it offers unmatched durability and deep, vibrant colors. Although the temptation to use this attractive sheen on all of your walls is understandable, you should think twice before doing so!

Professional painters suggest that high-gloss paint be used sparingly and primarily on smaller, distinct areas of your house, such as doors or molding. If you choose to use it over larger surfaces, the finished look will lack authenticity, plus any surface imperfections will become more apparent. 

Semi-gloss or satin paints are often employed for exterior walls and siding to balance out the shine from the high-gloss sections.

Semi-gloss Finish

Semi-gloss paint is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a shiny finish on your exterior walls. Not only does it give off a glossy sheen that’s more durable and simpler to clean than satin paint, but its resilient nature ensures that it can easily withstand all sorts of weather conditions and humidity levels. Plus, since you’ll be repainting more often anyway – why not make it shinier?

If you’re searching for a way to add elegance to your home, semi-gloss paint is the ideal choice for trim details. 

But if an uneven surface requires more coverage, like cracks or chips, another finish may be far better suited. Semi-gloss paint will perform wonders on garage doors and front doors; exterior trims, gutters, shutters; metal lamp posts; and window sills – all excellent areas of opportunity!

Here at EG Contracting, we’re using some of the best painting products on the market, including Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc.

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We take great pride in knowing our customers are pleased with their home’s new look after we’ve completed the job.

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