The Best Exterior Painting Cost Guide In Chantilly

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The Typical Exterior Painting Cost In Chantilly

The price to give your home’s exterior a new paint job in Chantilly varies depending on the size of your house, which materials you want to use, and any unique changes you request. Additionally, bigger projects often come with a steeper cost.

To get an idea of how much this might set you back, take a look at our average exterior painting costs below according to different-sized homes.

Size (square feet) Average Cost
Small $3.000 - $4.500
Medium $4.500 - $7.000
Large $7.000 - $13.000+

EG Contracting will give you a precise pricing quote after our in-home consultation, covering all the factors that go into your project. We’ll also provide solutions to make sure your overhaul doesn’t break the bank. Check out our exterior painting offer in Fairfax right now!

Labour Costs By Square Feet In Chantilly

Exterior painting costs are harder to estimate, so to come in your aid, we’ve assembled the average costs of a paint job based on the square footage of a house.

Exterior Painting Sq Ft Average Cost
1,000 sq ft $3,030
1,500 sq ft $4,544
2000 sq ft $6,059
2500 sq ft $7,576
3000 sq ft $9,091
3500 sq ft $10,605

Exterior Painting Costs Based On The Type Of Siding

Depending on the siding or exterior material, the cost to paint it will differ. For example, if the wood has already been painted, you might need a quick prime after scraping and sanding off any peeling areas.

Brick Siding

Painting an exterior brick home for the first time can be expensive, typically ranging from $7,889 to $12,583. 

The added expense comes with additional materials and labor needed – you’re looking at anywhere between $3.15 and $5.02 per square foot! Don’t forget that masonry primer plus paint will also require a hefty cost of its own.

Brick home siding in a city with office buildings

Aluminium Or Metal Siding

Keeping your home’s exterior looking it’s absolute best doesn’t have to break the bank. On average, aluminum siding is priced at $2.22 -$3.52 per square foot, and painting an entire two-story house with it can range from anywhere between $5,522-$8,807; a worthwhile investment! 

Plus, professionals should do repainting every five years or so–ensuring that you always get quality results for the upkeep of your residence’s appearance!

Metal siding on a large home

Vinyl Siding

For the average home, painting vinyl siding costs anywhere from $5,259 to $8,388. It is 10% cheaper by square footage than regular wood siding homes at an estimated range of $2.11 to $3.35 per sqft! 

So if you want a fresh and modern look for your house without breaking the bank – opt for painting vinyl siding today!

Home siding with light green vinyl

Stucco Siding

Interior stucco painting typically costs $6,428 to $$10,253. If the exterior stucco exists on a Tudor-style home, the cost increases by 20% due to the added intricacies.

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Types Of Paint Finishes

Spruce up the outside of your home by giving it a fresh coat of paint! There are plenty of finishes to choose from, so at our consultation, we’ll provide samples and help you determine which one is right for your walls. To get you started on the process, let’s go over some popular options first.

Flat Paint Finish

Years ago, flat paint finishes were all the rage. However, as time passed and customers searched for shinier and sturdier wall coverings, this form of paint’s popularity waned significantly. 

Even though it is porous and takes on fading from sunlight or mildew over time more easily than other paints due to its matte finish, some advantages still come with using flat paint.

Eggshell Paint Finish

Eggshell paint is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for its inviting semi-glossy texture, which complements any siding. Not only is it more durable and easier to clean than flat paint, but power washing is required to maintain it.

Another great benefit of eggshell paint lies in its ability to hide even the tiniest cracks or imperfections on older homes with wood or stucco surfaces due to its brush stroke-, roller edge-, and spray mark-free application!

High-Gloss Finish

If you’re hoping to make your home exterior painter’s dream, a high-gloss sheen is the paint finish for you. This kind of paint offers durability and richness in color like no other. 

Professional painters suggest that high-gloss paint be used sparingly and primarily on smaller, distinct areas of your house such as doors or molding. If you choose to use it over larger surfaces, the finished look will lack authenticity plus any surface imperfections will become more apparent. 

Semi-gloss Finish

If you desire a bit of shininess on your home exterior and are okay with repainting more often, go for semi-gloss paint. The glossy sheen it provides is not only more durable and easier to clean than satin paint but can also withstand all sorts of weather conditions and excess moisture.

If adding a touch of sophistication to your home is what you’re aiming for, then semi-gloss paint is the perfect choice when it comes to accenting trim details. However, another finish may be far more suitable if an uneven surface needs additional coverage, such as cracks or chips.

Here at EG Contracting, we’re using some of the best painting products on the market, including Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc.

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