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If the paint on your deck, pergola, or gazebo is starting to peel off and it just doesn’t look as good as it used to, a quick refresh might be all you need.

We’ll sand it, prime it, fix what we can, and give it two (or more) coats of the best quality paint out there.

Staining and painting are both great options to give your deck or pergola more protection against weathering, while at the same time make it look so much better.

Get some of the best stains and paints for your wood deck with us.

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What You Need To Know About Deck staining & Painting

You’ll get a team of friendly and reliable in-house painters. A project manager will supervise all work, and Erick, the owner of EG Contracting Services, will also be on-site to ensure your satisfaction with the work. You’ll have an easy time talking with the crew, and they’ll listen carefully to your needs.

This depends on how old your deck is and the species of wood. For new cedar decks, transparent or crystal clear stains will do great, and for older decks, you’ll want a solid oil-based stain. Also, sealing instead of staining a pressure-treated deck is much better, as the sealant penetrates and protects the wood.

For outdoor use, like decks, pergolas and gazebos, stains are always better than paints. If you’re certain you want it painted, we can help with some recommendations based on how much sun, foot traffic, and rain your deck takes.

First things first, we’ll decide whether the deck needs sanding or not. Pressure treated pine for example performs better when the ‘natural’ finish remains intact. 

Then, we’ll have to pressure wash the deck. ~3,000psi or greater will be enough. Then, we’ll thoroughly clean the deck’s surface with a heavy-duty cleaner and hose it down well, so there’s no trace of chemicals left on it. 

We’ll give it a day or so to try, and then we’ll proceed with applying the deck stain.

The cost of staining or painting a deck depends on decks’ square footage, the stain or paint you want to use, the level of repairs or board replacements, and whether or not you want to stain or paint the railing as well.

For example, staining or painting a 450 sq. ft. deck (with railing) here in Fairfax, VA, would cost around $2,000 with a quality paint and minor repairs.

It takes us between 2-3 days to stain or paint any deck. As long as the deck is completely dry and the weather looks good, there shouldn’t be any delays. The first day is for prepping and cleaning the deck, the second day is for applying the first coat of stain and letting it dry, and the third day is for applying the second coat of stain.

If you want your wood deck to last for as long as possible, you can seal or stain it every two or three years. If your deck is new, you’ll want to wait at least one season to seal or stain a deck, especially a pressure treated deck.

If you want to paint, keep in mind this is an outdoor area and paint won’t last nearly as long before it starts flaking and peeling off.

A Pricing Guideline For Your Deck Sealing Project

Cabinet Painting In Fairfax, VA

This cabinet painting project included:

The project was quoted at $8,600, where the paint material alone was $2,210.

Cabinet Painting In Centreville, VA

This cabinet painting project included:

The project was quoted at $9,200.

Cabinet Painting In Chantilly, VA

This cabinet painting project included:

The project was quoted at $12,400.

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Alec Pritchard


Erick does excellent work. He was able to give us a fantastic quote and scheduled our painting service within a reasonable amount of time. 

Erick and his team were very nice, professional, and cleaned up perfectly when it was time to leave. We are definitely going to come back for future painting/remodeling services.

Christopher Njie


[…] Erick the owner was extremely helpful and gave us advice on which colors would be great options and also explained how different colors show differently depending on the sunlight let in. We have used EG Contracting for additional services ever since […]. 

We have been satisfied with Erick and his team each and every time we have requested a household service. Erick and his team charge competitive rates and their quality of work is unmatched.

Kat Nassoiy


Eric and team expertly painted our kitchen cabinets, living room, and foyer, bringing a fresh, new look to our home. The team was professional, responsive, and consistently kept us in the loop throughout the project. 

Highly recommend for their top-notch service and excellent communication!

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