Exterior Painting Cost Guide In Herndon, VA

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Exterior paint for a 2000 sq. ft. home in Fairfax starts at $6,500 and may vary based on factors like siding damage, repair needs, color choices, and paint locations.

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The Typical Exterior Painting Cost In Herndon

The exterior painting cost in Herndon, VA depends on several factors, like the size of your house, the materials chosen, and the desired modifications.

Size Average Cost
Small $3,000 - $4,500
Medium $4,500 - $7,000
Large $7,000 - $13,000+

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Labor Costs By Square Feet In Herndon

To aid you in estimating the expenses, we have assembled the average costs for painting a house’s exterior, taking into account the property’s square footage. This valuable information will assist you in navigating the often complex task of cost determination.

Square Footage Average Cost
1000 sq ft $3,030
1500 sq ft $4,544
2000 sq ft $6,059
2500 sq ft $7,576
3000 sq ft $9,091
3500 sq ft $10,605

Exterior Painting Costs Based On The Type Of Siding

The cost of painting the exterior of a structure depends on the material. For painted wood surfaces with peeling due to wear and tear, scraping, sanding, and a basic primer application may be sufficient.

Brick Siding Painting Costs

Painting the exterior of a brick home for the first time can cost between $7,889 and $12,583 because there are additional materials and labor costs.

Typically, these extra expenses range from $3.15 to $5.02 per square foot. It’s crucial to keep in mind that masonry primer and paint are necessary as well, which can further augment the overall expenditure.

Brick home siding in a city with office buildings

Painting Costs for Aluminum Or Metal Siding

Upgrading your home’s exterior might appear costly, but choosing aluminum siding is a budget-friendly alternative. Typically ranging from $2.22 to $3.52 per square foot, the cost of repainting a two-story house can fall between $5,522 and $8,807.

It’s certainly a valuable investment. Moreover, scheduling professional repainting of your home every five years can help maintain its appearance without putting a dent in your wallet.

Metal siding on a large home

Painting Costs for Home Exterior with Vinyl Siding

Painting an average-sized house that has vinyl siding typically costs between $5,259 to $8,388.
Vinyl siding priced at $2.11-$3.35 per square foot is a budget-friendly choice, 10% cheaper than traditional wood siding.

home exterior painting with vinyl vienna va

Painting Costs Estimation for Stucco Siding

Typically, the price range for exterior stucco painting is between $6,428 and $10,253. However, if your house has a Tudor construction style for the exterior, there may be an additional 20% charge due to the added complexities involved.

stucco siding home in virginia

Types Of Paint Finishes

During our consultation, you’ll get a wide selection of paint samples and expert guidance to assist you in selecting the ideal wall finish. To simplify the process, let’s begin by discussing some common options.

Flat Paint Finish for Home Exteriors

While flat paint can fade or mildew faster due to its porous and matte qualities, it has benefits. It can hide imperfections on old walls. Note that this finish is suitable for exterior surfaces only.
flat paint finish on charming house

Eggshell Paint Finish for Home Exteriors

Homeowners increasingly prefer eggshell paint for its durable semi-gloss finish, easy maintenance, and long-lasting appeal. Regular power washing is essential to maintain the pristine look of eggshell-painted surfaces. Moreover, this type of paint has the potential to enhance your home’s exterior and overall decor.

eggshell paint finish on house in virginia

High-Gloss Finish for Home Exteriors in Herndon

High-gloss paint delivers vibrant and durable colors, but it’s not ideal for all walls. Professionals suggest using it on smaller areas like doors or molding. Applying it to larger surfaces may yield an inauthentic look and highlight imperfections.

high-gloss paint finish on modern home viriginia

Semi-gloss Finish For Herndon Homes

Semi-gloss paint provides a shiny finish for exterior walls. It’s durable, easy to clean, and can withstand different weather conditions. Ideal for adding elegance to home trim details.

semi-gloss finish on rustic home in virginia


At our company, we take pride in delivering exceptional results for exterior painting projects. We have a skilled and experienced in-house team of trained painters who are dedicated to providing top-notch craftsmanship. With their expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Rest assured that when you choose us for your exterior painting needs, you are getting a team that is committed to excellence.

Certainly! If you find yourself uncertain about color combinations or are unsure where to begin when selecting exterior colors, we would be delighted to offer you complimentary advice. Our expertise is at your disposal, ensuring that you make informed choices without any cost.
Spring and summer are the optimal seasons for painting the exterior of your home. During these times, humidity is at its lowest and temperature fluctuations are minimal. These favorable conditions ensure proper curing and drying of the paint, resulting in a high-quality finish.
For most full home exterior painting jobs in Fairfax, we usually require a 7-day timeframe. The timeline may vary based on the project’s needs and size. In addition to providing a clear and transparent quote, we will also give you an exact timeline for the painting job.

We only use Sherwin Williams Paints and Purdy painting supplies to guarantee spotless application and long-lasting results.

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