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Sure, hanging drywall might not be rocket science if you have the right tools, but when it comes to mudding, taping, and sanding, you’ll want a pro to do it.

And not only because it saves you a lot of frustration and time, but because drywall needs to installed properly to do its job. Otherwise, the plumbing and electrical systems won’t sit right, and the insulation won’t be as efficient.

Besides, you’ll want an expert who knows what type of drywall is best used for your situation.

Enjoy a complete service that covers everything about your drywall installation.

Drywall Installation Done Right

What You Need To Know About Drywall Installation

Drywall is relatively cheap, lightweight, and has a smooth, flat surface which is easy to paint. It’s also strong enough for you to hang things like shelves, hangers, and pictures on it. Another great thing about drywall is that it’s easy to cut it on-site, so embedding power outlets, switches, and other hidden wiring and plumbing is a lot easier.

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new room, drywall will save you money and time on the internal support structure.

For a 16×24 room, the average time to install drywall is around 2 days. For a new home of around 8,000 sq. ft., the entire drywall installation should take between 7 and 14 days, depending on how many people work on it. You’ll get an accurate timeline after our on-site visit.

You’ll get a friendly and reliable team of in-house workers. They’re all trained, licensed, and insured. We only work with polite and courteous tradesmen, all vetted by Erick, the owner of EG Contracting Services.

When the gypsum (hydrated form of calcium sulfate) in the drywall is exposed to heat, the crystalline water begins to calcine off. This reaction consumes a ton of energy, preventing fire from spreading across the sheet for a considerable time. 

In fact, you can aim a flamethrower at one side of a typical 1/2″ sheet of drywall, and the opposite side of the sheet won’t rise above 220F for about 30 mins.

So yes, drywall is fire resistant, and definitely more fire resistant than plywood or plaster.

Ballparking the cost of a drywall installation without knowing anything about your project never turns out accurate. Generally, we charge between $3.5 up to $6 per square foot for installation. As an example, buying, installing, and finishing the drywall in a 450 sq. ft. basement will cost around $6,000.

Yes! We can install and finish the drywall as well. We’ll mud, tape, and sand to make sure the installation is complete and top-quality. If you want the drywall painted, we can do that too! Check out our interior painting service.

A Pricing Guideline For Your Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation In Fairfax, VA

This drywall installation project included:

The project was quoted at $12,200.

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The process from start to finish was stress free. The crews not only did great work, but kept areas clean and safe. I will be using EG for future projects!

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