Benjamin Moore Black Vs Onyx In Fairfax, VA

Choosing the right paint color for your home in Fairfax, VA can be tricky. One popular dilemma is deciding between Benjamin Moore’s Black and Onyx. Our article will guide you through the differences, uses, and alternatives to these dark colors.

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Modern home entrance with black doors and walls and cozy outdoor seating.

Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx: What are the Differences?

After introducing the vast array of color options available for home improvement, we now focus on the specifics of Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx. These colors provide a unique aesthetic to any home, but understanding their differences is key for making an informed decision.

Feature Benjamin Moore Black Onyx
Color Hue Pure, deep black Slightly softer black with gray undertones
Light Reflectance Value (LRV) Very low LRV; absorbs most light Moderately low LRV; reflects more light than pure black
Finish Appearance Offers a striking, bold look Provides a more nuanced, sophisticated feel
Ideal Use Perfect for creating dramatic accents Best for softer, elegant contrasts
Matching Colors Works well with bright whites and bold colors Pairs beautifully with muted tones and warm whites
This table lays out the primary differences between Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx, two popular choices among homeowners. Each has its distinct character, suitable for various applications and preferences in home decor.

Best Uses for Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx

Use Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx for various purposes like kitchen cabinets, exterior trim, banisters, and accent walls. They are versatile dark paint colors suitable for different areas in your home.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets painted with Benjamin Moore Black or Onyx bring elegance and depth to any home. These dark paint colors create a striking contrast against light countertops and backsplashes, making the space feel more luxurious.

For homeowners seeking a modern twist, Benjamin Moore Black offers a true black shade that pairs well with both warm and cool tones. On the other hand, Onyx has subtle undertones that add character without overwhelming the room’s design.

Both options are durable, hiding smudges and fingerprints better than lighter shades, which is essential in high-traffic kitchen areas.

Choosing between these two can depend on the amount of natural light your kitchen receives. In well-lit spaces, Onyx showcases its complex undertones beautifully. 

Darker rooms benefit from Benjamin Moore Black’s crisp appearance, giving an illusion of more space while maintaining cozy vibes.

Next up: how these colors transform exterior trim.

Contemporary kitchen with black cabinets and mosaic b

Exterior Trim

Moving from kitchen cabinets to the outside of your home, Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx both shine as choices for exterior trim. These colors offer a striking contrast against lighter siding or brickwork, making your home’s details pop.

Choosing Benjamin Moore Black brings a classic black look that pairs well with warm white sidings for a timeless appearance.

Opting for Onyx adds depth with its slightly softer black tone, ideal if you prefer a less stark contrast. This color can complement cooler colored homes and stands out beautifully under natural light.

Both paint colors are durable, resisting fading in sunlight to keep your exterior looking sharp year-round.


When it comes to banisters, both Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx make for stunning choices. The deep hue of these colors adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your staircase. 

Whether you prefer a warm black with green undertones (Benjamin Moore Black) or a cooler black with blue undertones (Onyx), these shades will offer a sleek and sophisticated look to your banisters while complementing various interior design styles.

For homeowners aged 45 and above, Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx provide excellent options for an elegant and modern look on their banisters.

Accent Walls

When it comes to accent walls, both Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx can create a bold statement in any room. Using these deep shades on an accent wall can add depth and drama, making it a perfect choice for those seeking more than just standard wall colors.

Whether you want to highlight architectural features or create a focal point, these rich black paint colors are designed to enhance the overall look of your space with their cool undertones and versatile appeal.

For homeowners looking for a sophisticated yet impactful design element, opting for Benjamin Moore Black or Onyx as an accent wall color can truly make a striking difference in the heart of your home.

Alternatives to Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx

Looking for alternatives to Benjamin Moore Black and Onyx? Consider exploring options like Black Beauty vs Onyx, Wrought Iron vs Onyx, and Tricorn Black vs Onyx for a variety of choices. Different shades offer diverse possibilities to suit your unique preferences.

Black Beauty vs Onyx

Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty and Onyx both offer rich, deep black tones suitable for various applications. While Black Beauty leans towards a softer black with warm undertones, Onyx presents a cooler and truer black shade.

When considering the best option for your space, keep in mind that Black Beauty can create a creamier look when compared to the pure darkness of Onyx. 

Both paints are versatile and can be used for interior doors, accent walls, or exterior trim, providing homeowners with elegant options to enhance their living spaces.

Wrought Iron vs Onyx

Wrought Iron and Onyx are deep, rich black paint colors. Wrought Iron has subtle undertones of dark gray, while Onyx is a pure, classic black without any undertones. Both create a sophisticated and elegant look in any space.

The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the ambiance you want to achieve.

When it comes to selecting the right shade, consider the overall aesthetic you wish to create in your home. Each color can dramatically impact the mood and style of a room. Now let’s move on to explore “Tricorn Black vs Onyx.”.

Tricorn Black vs Onyx

Tricorn Black is a rich, deep black with cool undertones, perfect for exterior doors and window trims. On the other hand, Onyx offers a soft, almost charcoal shade suitable for accent walls and kitchen cabinets.

Tricorn Black’s cooler tone contrasts well with warmer whites, while Onyx presents a modern look when paired with lighter grays.

What distinguishes these colors are their depths and undertones—Tricorn Black leans towards industrial chic, whereas Onyx delivers a more versatile touch. As we move forward to discussing “Best Uses,” let’s explore where each shines brightest in your home.

Benjamin Moore Black vs Onyx In Fairfax, VA


Benjamin Moore Black is a deep, dark black paint color, while Onyx has a slightly softer look with hints of gray, making it not as intense.
Yes! In Fairfax, VA, using Benjamin Moore Onyx on your front door can add a stylish and welcoming touch to your home.
For rooms with lots of light, Onyx might be better because its soft black shade won’t feel too overpowering in bright spaces.
Yes! Consider Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for a cool black or Sherwin Williams Iron Ore for a charcoal gray option similar to these colors.
Interior designers often suggest using dark walls like those painted with Benjamin Moore Black or Onyx to create drama or highlight an accent color in rooms such as powder rooms or on cabinet colors.
When choosing trim colors with blacks like BM Onyx or Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, go for pure white trim options; this contrast makes the wall color stand out more beautifully.

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