Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Vs Sherwin Williams Iron Ore In Fairfax. VA

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be challenging. One fact people often consider is how dark colors like Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron and Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore look in their space.

Our article will guide you through these two popular choices, focusing on aspects such as color tones, where they fit best in your home, and pairing options with other colors. 

Keep reading to find your perfect shade.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron vs Sherwin Williams Iron Ore In Fairfax. VA

Comparing Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Comparing Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron creates a deeper understanding of color, light reflectance value (LRV), and undertones. The comparison also covers the interior and exterior use, helping homeowners make informed decisions.

Color Review

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore are both popular for their soft black paint color. They offer a touch darker than pure black, making spaces feel cozy without being too overwhelming.

Benjamin Moore’s version has slightly blue undertones, while Sherwin Williams’ leans towards a warm charcoal with subtle green hints. These differences make each unique in how they interact with natural light and artificial lighting.

Choosing between them depends on the desired mood and lighting in your room. Next, let’s explore the LRV and undertones of these two stunning colors.

LRV and Undertones

Understanding the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and undertones of paint colors is crucial for making the right choice for your home.

The LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects, while undertones are subtle hues that can influence a color’s overall appearance.

Here’s a concise comparison between Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

Paint Color LRV Undertones
Sherwin Williams Iron Ore 6 Deep gray with subtle brown
Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 6.16 Charcoal gray with blue undertones

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron both have low LRVs, indicating they absorb more light than they reflect. This makes them ideal for creating dramatic and cozy spaces.

Iron Ore has a hint of brown, warming it up slightly, while Wrought Iron leans towards a cooler palette due to its blue undertones. These characteristics affect how they’re perceived in different lighting conditions and when paired with other colors.

Exterior and Interior Sse

Moving from understanding the LRV and undertones of Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron vs Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, let’s explore how each can transform the exterior and interior spaces of your home.

Exterior Use:

Interior Use:

Choosing between Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore depends on the specific application in your home and your personal preference towards dark paint colors like true black or warm gray undertones.

Which Color is Right for You?

Which color suits your style and design preferences best? Find the perfect white trim colors to complement Iron Ore and explore alternatives that might better suit your home.

Best White Trim Colors To Pair With Iron Ore

Pair Sherwin Williams Iron Ore with these best white trim colors for a stunning contrast and timeless elegance. Here are the top choices:

Exterior Color Options

When choosing exterior colors for your home, consider the following options:
Ensure your choice not only enhances your home’s exterior but also reflects your personal style and preference.

Alternatives to Iron Ore

Looking for alternatives to Iron Ore and Wrought Iron? Consider Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black or Dark Charcoal as great substitutes. These colors offer a similar dark, rich tone that works well for exterior and interior use.

You can also explore True Black, Benjamin Moore’s deepest shade, or a classic Dark Gray for a timeless look that complements various design styles. 

There are numerous options available that can achieve the same sophisticated feel as Iron Ore without compromising on elegance and depth in your color scheme.

Ready to pick the perfect alternative? Let’s move on to discovering the best white trim colors to pair with Iron Ore!


Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore are both popular black paint colors, but they look different on house exteriors. Wrought Iron is a warm black, while Iron Ore has a higher LRV, making it appear slightly lighter.
Yes! Both paints work great not only for your home exteriors but also for adding a stylish touch to your kitchen island with their neutral colors.
Absolutely! Pairing either Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron or Sherwin Williams Iron Ore with pure white trim or extra white trim creates a stunning contrast that brings out the best in both paint colors.
The best way is by getting paint samples of each color. Apply them side by side on your exterior wall to see how they look at different times of day since lighting can change their appearance to the naked eye.
If you’re looking for something closer to the blackest black, consider SW Tricorn Black as an alternative option; it’s known as one of the darkest shades available and works well with semi-gloss finishes for mess-free application.

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