What Are The Best Interior Paint Colors In 2024

Want to paint the interior of your home, but you’re not sure what’s the right color for it?

This quick guide will help you navigate through 2024’s top trending colors – all suggested by renowned designers.

Let’s uncover those hues that will take center stage in 2024!

Interior Designer Working With Palette For Choosing Colors
painted wall with a paint roll with blue paint can

Glidden Chalky Blue is a big hit in 2024.

Many homeowners love its calm and cool feel. The color puts you at peace, like the sky on a clear day. It looks great in any room, no matter how small or big.

Plus, it matches well with many decor styles. So, if you plan to paint your home this year, try Glidden Chalky Blue!

Interior Wall Painted With Benjamin Moore Flora

Benjamin Moore Flora is one of the top picks for 2024.

This color makes rooms glow with warmth. It’s rich yet soft, like a peach at sunset. Designers love it because it brings joy and comfort to any space.

This paint covers walls smoothly and lasts a long time. Benjamin Moore Flora fits well in living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens. With this color on your walls, you will feel cheerful every day!

Interior Wall Painted With Glidden Blaze Paint

Glidden Blaze is a top pick. This bold, fiery red makes any room pop with energy and warmth. It’s perfect for the brave homeowner who loves color.

Glidden Blaze works great in small spaces like bathrooms or halls, too!

So, if you want a modern trend look for your home in 2024, give this vibrant paint color a try!

Interior Wall Painted With Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky

Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky is a top color in 2024. This gray paint is not too dark or light. It brings a cool, calm feel to any room. Many folks love it because it works with many other colors.
It’s great for whole homes and bedrooms. Go for it when you want a clean, relaxed look in your space.

Farrow & Ball Card Room Green is a top choice in 2024. This color brings peace to any room with its soft, cool hue. It has a hint of gray that makes it sleek and modern. This green paint works well in both bright and low-light rooms.

It gives an earth-tone vibe that suits any home design style perfectly. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the popular interior paint colors this year!

Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray is in high demand. It adds a rich, deep sense of elegance to any room. The color feels like the dark blue sea at night and looks great on your walls.

You will love this succulent shade when painted onto living room or bedroom walls. It pairs well with white trim for a striking look.

Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray can make small spaces look bigger, too!

The Best Neutral Paint Colors For 2024

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is another top interior paint color in 2024.

It’s a soft, light gray that goes well with any style or decor. This color gives a clean and modern touch to your home. The best part is it works great in all rooms, big or small.

It helps to make the space look bigger and brighter!

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice is a neutral paint color that brings a light, airy feel to any room. It works well in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

The cool gray tint of Crushed Ice can match with almost any style or decor.

From modern to rustic, this color always shines!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is a paint color that can change the whole feel of a room. It’s light and cool, making it perfect for any space in your home. It matches well with most decor and furniture, too.

This gray paint adds warmth to a room. But don’t worry, it never looks dark or gloomy! If you want your rooms to feel cozy but still bright, this is an excellent choice for you!

Benjamin Moore Wind’s Breath is a must-have interior paint color for 2024.
This hue has a soft, light touch that can make any room feel comfy and warm. It fits in well with most styles and adds an airy feel to your home.

Its neutral shade goes with many bright colors or deep, moody hues. So it moves well from one room to the next without clashing. Plus, it’s easy to find decor items that will match this color perfectly!

Choosing Wind’s Breath means picking a timeless charm for your house walls.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray interior paint adds depth and warmth to any room. It’s soft light and keeps your space feeling cozy. The paint is perfect for living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms too.

Even in low light, it stays true to its color. Use it and make your home feel modern yet inviting!

Benjamin Moore Paper White is a top pick for any room. Its soft white color adds light and space to your home. It works well in all types of light and blends with most decor styles.

This paint has a muted elegance that makes it stand out among other neutral shades. The off-white color of this paint calms the eyes, giving your rooms a clean, fresh look. No matter what style you like, Benjamin Moore Paper White can make it shine!


Here are some of the top interior painting colors for 2024! Here at EG Contracting, we’ve already started using many of these for our interior painting projects in Fairfax, VA, and homeowners love it!