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Enhance the beauty of any space with our expert interior painting services in Burke, VA.

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At EG Contracting Services, we understand how important your home is for you and your family. Choosing our professional interior painting services not only revitalizes your rooms but also guarantees a flawless finish without the stress of DIY efforts. Our skilled painters work with precision and care, transforming your home while you relax and enjoy the makeover.

Embarking on an interior painting project can feel overwhelming, but with our expertise at EG Contracting Services, those worries are a thing of the past. We offer comprehensive solutions from color selection to final touches, ensuring each stroke reflects your vision with utmost professionalism. Trust us to enhance the aesthetics of your Burke, VA home with our exceptional service.

Interior Painting Virginia Erick Gonzales Contracting Services

Benefits? Yes.

In Burke, VA, we are dedicated to providing unmatched services to homeowners in need of interior painting. Partnering with us ensures you the following advantages:

Have Interior Painting Results As Flawless As These

By working with us, you choose the best of the best when it comes to interior painting. Your interior painting project could look as impressive and transformative as the ones in the pictures below:

800+ painting projects completed

4x faster scheduling time

100+ years of combined experience


Need answers to your interior painting questions? Looking for an accurate project quote? Reach out to us at (571) 253-5583 or drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly!

What Your Neighbors in Burke, VA, Think About Us

We would like to express our gratitude to every client we have had the pleasure of working with. We are truly thankful for the wonderful feedback and support we have received.


Angela Domer


EG Contracting did a wonderful job repainting my kitchen.

I was really impressed by the quality of the set-up, the paint job, and the clean-up.

Eric was very responsive and easy to work with.


Krystle Cruz


I’m happy to say that Eg contracting services did an amazing job!

My house is looking spectacular with its new paint inside and out!!

Thank you for having wonderful, respectful and fast working workers!! I will be contacting you for my other properties!!

Interior Painting Costs In Burke, VA

Understanding the costs associated with interior painting in Burke, VA, is important for our clients. For an average-sized home in Fairfax County, a comprehensive home interior painting starts at $8,500, with variations based on the unique details of your project.

Our team at EG Contracting Services is committed to providing a thorough quotation, personalized to your home’s specific needs, ensuring transparency and trust from the outset.

Project Description Included in Project Total Project Cost Key Cost Factors
Framing, Drywall Hanging, and Painting Partition framing, drywall hanging, finishing, painting, doors, trim $7,500 Labor, materials, doors, trim
Ceiling Replacement and Living Room Paint Ceiling demolition, new installation, painting, living room and kitchen paint $10,500 Labor, materials, ceiling installation, paint
Condo Paint Job Drywall prep, caulking, priming, sanding, painting walls, ceiling, trim, doors $4,200 Labor, materials, drywall prep, painting
Full-Home Interior Paint (Average-Sized) Interior paint for an average-sized home in Fairfax Starting at $8,500 Size of the home, paint quality, labor costs

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Interior Painting In Burke, VA

Several elements affect the pricing of interior painting, as no two homes are identical—each project is unique, with specific features influencing overall costs. Key factors include:

Square footage is a primary determinant of paint and labor needed.

Intricate trims or high ceilings may require more time and skill to paint.

High-quality or specialized paints can impact the final price.

Pre-painting repairs or surface preparation can add to the project cost.

Multiple colors might increase labor time for edge work and transitions.

Strict Budget & Timeline Adherence

At EG Contracting Services, we recognize that homeowners in Burke, VA value both time and financial investments. Our experienced team combines professionalism with efficiency, ensuring your interior painting aligns with your expectations and lifestyle.

Staying within your budget is a priority for us. Before painting begins, we provide a detailed quote, respecting your financial plan. Clear communication allows us to deliver superior results without hidden costs, ensuring your investment is honored throughout the project.

Moreover, we pledge to respect your deadlines with utmost dedication. Our skilled painters in Burke, VA are adept at managing each project efficiently, ensuring that your home’s transformation is completed on schedule, every time.

Experience Unmatched Simplicity in Interior Painting

Let us handle your interior painting and experience the joy of smooth progress and impressive results. Our simple three-step process includes everything you need for a stress-free makeover of your living space.

Owner profile picture



Chart your design ideas and color schemes with our attentive consultants.



Observe as our seasoned painters meticulously apply each hue.



Bask in the sophistication and warmth of your newly painted home.

FAQs About Interior Painting In Burke, VA

We complete all interior painting projects with our in-house team of trained painters.

Yes, we do! If you’re not sure about how certain colors will work together, or if you don’t know when to start when choosing your interior colors, we’re happy to advise you free of charge.

Anyone can paint. But painting has a lot more to it than just grabbing a paintbrush and start painting. There’s prep work, repair work, careful application, and more. If you are looking for quality and long-lasting investment, it’s best if you leave it to the professionals.

Elevate your space with expert interiNeed answers to your interior painting questions? Looking for an accurate project quote? Reach out to us at (571) 253-5583 or drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly!

To guarantee a long-lasting and spotless application, we only use high-quality paints from Sherwin Williams and Purdy painting supply.

We can complete most full home interior painting projects in 6-7 days. If you’re only looking to repaint a few rooms, the timeframe will be shorter. Besides your clear and transparent quote, you’ll also receive an exact timeline for your painting job.

Start Your Interior Painting Project Today!

Transform your home with EG Contracting Services—the best decision you’ll wish you made sooner! Our interior painting is more than just a color change; it breathes new life into your living space.


The flawless finish and vibrant colors enhance the ambiance, adding luxury and comfort. Connect with us today to elevate your home’s value and quality of life. Don’t wait any longer to make this transformative change. Call us at (571) 253-5583!

(takes 1-2 min)


Michael Lopez


I have used his services multiple times before and every time I’ve been more than satisfied with the end product.

Great with communication, punctuality and overall quality of work. I would highly recommend them to anybody in need!!!


Rich Cruz


EG Contracting offers a multitude of professional services.

They are friendly and reliable and offer high quality work for reasonable prices. Highly recommend!!!

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