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Here at EG Contracting, our objective is to give customers a truly incomparable experience when it comes to interior painting. We don’t just want you satisfied with the finished product. We want you and us both to enjoy this process as associates.

Furthermore, our team of specialists is committed to pushing the boundaries and discovering new breakthroughs to realize your dream home a reality. Our methods guarantee that we meet any expectations you have for your residence and exceed industry standards.

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Let us take the hassle out of painting your walls by doing it for you – we won’t rest until you’re ecstatic with our finished product! With us, you’ll also get the following:

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Being part of the EG Contracting family means that our client’s satisfaction is always put first. We guarantee efficient and dependable service for whatever your home needs may be, all while maintaining unparalleled standards in craftsmanship.

Our streamlined process allows us to prioritize customer happiness above anything else – so you can feel confident knowing that when it comes to taking care of your home, we have got you covered!

When working on your walls, we guarantee to take into account all of your requirements while still providing them looking as good as new in no time!

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Oakton Homeowners Love Their New Space!

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Krystle Cruz


I’m happy to say that Eg contracting services did an amazing job!

My house is looking spectacular with its new paint inside and out!!

Thank you for having wonderful, respectful and fast working workers!! I will be contacting you for my other properties!!


Chpz 117


The company is great.
The owner is flexible and always tries to work with your schedule.

The work provided has been nothing but profesional.

I keep using EG services for all my turnover needs and other projects. Highly recommend them

Types Of Painting Finishes

IAre you eager to completely transform your interior walls with a brand-new look? Then selecting the right painting finish is essential. We’ll present samples and explain available finishes in-depth during our consultation. To get started, let’s take a peek at some popular choices!

Matte Finish

Matte paint is a great option for those looking to add subdued and luxurious touches to their walls. Its high levels of pigment guarantee full coverage with fewer coats, saving you money in the long run!

If you’re looking to cover up scratches, nail holes, and other imperfections, this type of paint finish is the perfect solution. It works best on interior walls like bedrooms but don’t fret – we can still provide you with the desired outcome for any exterior wall as well!

Textured Finish

Textured paint is the ideal choice if you want something unique to add dimension and texture to your walls. Many options can create wonderful highlights and depth in any room, from bricks to fabrics. And if you want a metallic-looking finish? We highly recommend it! Whether you desire a rustic atmosphere or otherwise, with textured paint, anything is possible – making it an exceptionally versatile product.
textured paint finish

Satin Finish

Satin paint is the most flexible wall finish, making it ideal for darker areas such as kitchens and hallways. It’s delicate luster reflects more light than eggshell, while its velvety texture produces a subtle yet not overly glossy look that makes application issues like brush strokes more visible. Don’t let the name fool you – this painting method has many benefits! If you’re considering using satin in your next project, check out some of the best finishes available here.
satin grey finish in playroom

Eggshell Finish

Eggshell paint offers a low-sheen finish that is ideal for walls, resembling the texture of an egg’s shell. This type of paint provides improved durability and easier cleaning compared to other finishes, in addition to its ability to hide minor flaws.

It has become one of the most popular paints used in homes due to its capacity for masking defects; many people use this finish on feature walls or areas they want to make special.

Make Your Interior Walls Look Like New

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The Best Interior Painting Process

Our team will work quickly and efficiently to deliver a high-quality painting project in half the time of our competitors. This way, you can go about your normal life without too much disruption.



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Frequently Asked Questions

To give your Oakton residence a complete interior paint job, you’ll likely need around $8,500 in materials. However, the cost is sure to go up depending on extra considerations about your project. With more information from us here at our company, we can come up with an exact quote for all of the supplies needed to complete this task!
At a maximum, full home interior painting projects take only 6-7 days to complete. If you are looking for a couple of rooms’ makeover, the time frame will be even shorter! Not only do we provide an upfront and precise quote that suits your budget but we also give an exact timeline so that you can plan accordingly.
Our enthusiastic and talented in-house team are specialists when it comes to interior painting projects, ensuring quality results every time.

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At EG Contracting, we promise to make your house vibrant with superior-quality materials and paint. We’ve designed our process so that you can enjoy the comfort of your new home in a jiffy–without any stress!

Above all else, your satisfaction is paramount to us. If you ever feel unsatisfied with the quality of our service, please let us know so that we can promptly resolve any issue for you. In Oakton, VA—we promise exceptional results and top-notch customer experience!

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