Exterior Painting In Kings Park West, VA

Give your home a new and improved look in Kings Park West with a quality exterior painting job!

Transform your home effortlessly, affordably, and effectively with the revitalizing power of a quality exterior painting project! Enjoy this awesome upgrade with a professional painter who makes it easy for you to enjoy this improvement from start to finish.

You’ll get a reliable team of experts who value your investment and time and a simple process that always gives you peace of mind during the job. With EG Contracting in Kings Park West, you’re 100% guaranteed to receive a stunning paint job.

Erick Gonzalez, owner at EG Contracting Services

Hi, I’m Erick Gonzalez, the owner of EG Contracting Services. Besides the promise of excellence for your painting project, our mission is to provide you with a personal experience that feels more like a partnership rather than a transaction. We are in this business to serve and deliver you a painting job with integrity, reliability, and professionalism. Let’s get in touch!

Exterior Home Painted By EG Contracting Services in Virginia

Kings Park West Best Exterior Painter

We are transforming the painting industry by consistently delivering exceptional end results that we wholeheartedly guarantee will captivate and inspire you. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project is executed with precision and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting impression of beauty and artistry.

Here's What Your Exterior Painting Job Can Turn Out Like

Discover our exceptional painting service, where meticulous attention is given to every detail, no matter the size of the space. Our portfolio showcases our unwavering dedication and profound passion for the art of painting.

15+ years in the industry

3 years workmanship warranty

70+ clients served


Ready to transform your dream of a top-tier painting job into reality? This is the opportunity you’ve been longing for! Contact us at (571) 253-5583 or request a complimentary quote, and we’ll promptly respond within 24 hours!

Homeowners Love Working With Us

We have helped countless homeowners bring their visions to life! Our clients greatly appreciate our dependable and professional approach, and we are confident you will.


John DeVight​


Erick at EG Contracting Services was very responsive in providing a reasonable quote and doing an excellent job painting the exterior trim of my house.

His team was friendly and professional. They scraped off the old paint from the trim and applied a top of the line primer and paint and I have been pleased with the results. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.


Kat Nassoiy​


EG Contracting Services has been working on my commercial property for a year now. They provide exceptional customer service and our company has really excelled since using EG Contracting. Each job truly reflects craftsmanship and care with attention to detail.

Exterior Painting Cost In Kings Park West, VA

The cost of painting a house typically ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot. Several factors influence the overall price, such as the project’s complexity, preferred materials, and labor fees charged by the contractor. By meticulously assessing these aspects, you can ensure a flawlessly executed and aesthetically captivating outcome for your home.

Before After

Exterior Trim Painting In Fairfax County, VA

This exterior painting project included:

The project was quoted at $6,500.

House Size (sf) Cost Range
1,000 $2,100 - $5,000
1,500 $3,100 - $7,500
2,000 $4,100 - $9,900
2,500 $5,200 - $12,400
3,000 $6,200 - $14,900
3,500 $7,200 - $17,400
4,000 $8,300 - $19,900
4,500 $9,300 - $22,400
5,000 $10,400 - $24,900

Painting Cost Based On Home Siding Material

Siding Material Average Cost
Vinyl $1 and $3 per square foot
Wood $1 to $3 per square foot
Stucco $1.50 to $4 per square foot
Concrete $1.20 and $2.70 per square foot
Metal $1.50 and $4 per square foot
Brick $1.40 to $4.20 per square foot

Best 3 Exterior Paint Brands

Type Of Paint Best Feature Cost
Rust-Oleum Oil Based Paint Rust Prevention Around $86.51 for 1 gal
Valspar Oil Based Paint Non-Toxic Around $120 for 1 gal
KILZ Exterior Siding Oil Paint All-Purpose Around $40 for 1 gal
Diamond Brite Oil Based Paint Professional Quality Around $45 for 1 gal
WOCA Exterior Wood Oil Based Paint Wood Surfaces Around $128 for 1 gal
BEHR Oil-Based Floor Paint Exterior Floors Around $50 for 1 gal

* Prices are subject to change due to factors that impact labor or material costs. Contact us for your exterior painting project for an accurate pricing estimate.

Working with us is not only easy but also incredibly convenient! At EG Contracting in Kings Park West, VA, we prioritize you, your time, and your investment. We aim to deliver a spectacular painting job that perfectly matches your style and preferences!

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

Painting the exterior of a building is typically a relatively uncomplicated task. Still, two main concerns come up for many homeowners.

EG Contracting provides affordable and transparent pricing for our high-quality painting services, transforming your project into a valuable investment. Our cost-effective solutions are customized to fit your budget, eliminating the need to deplete your savings.

Unless significant obstacles arise, we are fully committed to delivering the promised home on the agreed-upon timeline. This benefits both parties: You can smoothly resume your routine while we progress toward our next exciting project.

An Exterior Painting Job That Just Flows

We are dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort and well-being. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable upgrade experience filled with anticipation and excitement.

Owner profile picture



Share your vision, and we’ll help you choose the best paint that complements your home.



We get to work according to our timeline. You’ll have complete control over everything.



Your painting job is done! Enjoy a home whose colors complement your mood and lifestyle!


At EG Contracting, we take great pride in our exceptional in-house team of highly skilled painters. With unwavering dedication, they strive to deliver results that exceed expectations.

 Our painters possess expertise and an unwavering attention to detail, enabling them to handle a wide range of exterior painting projects proficiently. They meticulously prepare every surface, ensuring flawless and meticulously painted finishes. We firmly believe that this unparalleled level of craftsmanship sets us apart from the competition and guarantees the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Certainly! If you have any uncertainties regarding color compatibility or require assistance in selecting exterior colors, we would be delighted to offer you complimentary advice. Please feel free to contact us without hesitation for expert guidance and support.

Spring and summer offer the perfect weather for painting the outside of your home. With reduced humidity and stable temperatures, these seasons create optimal conditions for the paint to cure and dry, resulting in a flawless and beautiful finish.

A full home exterior painting project in Fairfax typically requires approximately 7 days. It’s important to note that the timeline may vary depending on your project’s specific requirements and size. In addition to providing a clear and transparent quote, we will furnish you with an exact timeline for your painting job. Rest assured, we are committed to using precise language, enhancing structure, ensuring readability, and maintaining eloquence while preserving the original meaning.

For a 2000 sq. ft. home in Fairfax, the starting cost of an average exterior paint job is $6,500. However, the final price may vary based on unexpected siding damage or repair needs, color choices, and specific painting areas. A comprehensive inspection of your home is necessary to provide an accurate quote.

Get Your Painting Project Started With Reliable Pros

When embarking on a painting project, being cautious of unreliable contractors who can turn it into an endless nightmare is crucial. At EG Contracting in Kings Park West, VA, we are committed to providing you with a seamless painting experience that exceeds your expectations. Anticipate a streamlined process that brings your vision to life, resulting in a breathtaking outcome that will leave you in awe!

If that’s what you’ve been looking for all along, call us at (571) 253-5583 or request a free pricing quote to learn more about your exterior painting cost in Kings Park West, VA.

(takes 1-2 min)


Carla Gonzalez​


Contacted EG services for my unfinished basement ..they responded in a timely manner and were super informative and quoted me a good price. Their work is 10/10 , workers are respectful of your home and we’re always friendly. Definitely would use their services again and would recommend to anyone looking for painting to be done or dry wall!!


Chpz 117


The company is great

The owner is flexible and always tries to work with your schedule. The work provided has been nothing but profesional. I keep using Eg services for all my turnover needs and other projects. Highly recommend them.

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