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If you’re searching for an exterior painting company that provides excellent services and makes your house feel welcoming, look no further than EG Contracting. We provide homeowners with a top-quality exterior painting service–a feat made easier by our continuous efforts to break new ground and raise standards.

Meticulous prep work is essential for a lasting paint job, which is why we take extra time to protect and isolate unpainted areas as well as repair any damages before beginning the project. This ensures a positive end result every time.

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Upgrade The Exterior Look Of Your Home With Extra Benefits

We exist to make sure you live in the home of your dreams, and we respect that your time is precious. Rather than spend valuable hours painting your walls, let us do it quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on what’s important to you. Plus, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our work.

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Get The Best Exterior Painting Professionals In Chantilly

If you’re looking for an exterior painting company in Chantilly, your choices might be limited. We are certified professionals and deliver excellent craftsmanship. Plus, we have a streamlined process where we make sure to address all requests and concerns so that you’re thrilled with the end result.

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I’m happy to say that Eg contracting services did an amazing job!

My house is looking spectacular with its new paint inside and out!!

Thank you for having wonderful, respectful and fast working workers!! I will be contacting you for my other properties!!


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The company is great.
The owner is flexible and always tries to work with your schedule.

The work provided has been nothing but profesional.

I keep using EG services for all my turnover needs and other projects. Highly recommend them

Types Of Paint Finishes

Come sit with us for a consultation to see all the samples and finishes we offer for your exterior walls. You might not know this, but each finish interacts differently! Below are our most popular ones until you can make it in.

Flat Paint Finish

Although flat paint used to be popular, the shinier and sturdier variants of paint have since taken their place. This is because flat paint has a matte finish which makes it more likely to fade and mildew starts growing on it easier due to its porosity. Even though this is the case, there are still some advantages that come with using flat paint.

One such advantage is that because it isn’t shiny, it can do a great job of hiding imperfections on older walls. That being said, however, completely flat finishes should only be reserved for exterior walls – areas that don’t get touched often like doors or windows shouldn’t use this type of finish.

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Eggshell Paint Finish

Eggshell paint is a popular choice for home exteriors because of its welcoming semi-glossy texture. It works with any type of siding while also being more durable and easier to clean than flat paint– requiring only a power wash.

If you have an older home with wood or stucco surfaces, this is the ideal paint to cover up any cracks or imperfections since it lays down smoothly without brush strokes, roller edges, or spray marks visible after application. Lastly, it’s a great choice for protecting your home from the elements as well as seasonal weather changes.

eggshell paint finish on house with front yard

High-Gloss Finish

If you’re hoping to make your home exterior painter’s dream, a high-gloss sheen is the paint finish for you. This kind of paint offers durability and richness in color like no other. Although it may be tempting to paint your whole house with this beautiful sheen, it’s actually not the best idea across the board!

High-gloss paint should only be used on small, isolated areas of your house like doors and molding. If you use it on larger surfaces, the final product will look artificial and any surface imperfections will be more noticeable. To balance out the high-gloss sections, professional painters typically use semi-gloss or satin paint for exterior walls and siding.

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Semi-gloss Finish

If you’re looking for a shinier exterior paint job and don’t mind repainting more often, semi-gloss is the way to go. The glossy sheen it provides is not only more durable and easier to clean than satin paint but can also withstand all sorts of weather conditions and excess moisture.

If your goal is to improve your home’s appearance, semi-gloss paint will add trim details nicely. However, if there are surface flaws that need concealing like cracks or chips, another finish will be more beneficial. Semi-gloss paint works great on garage doors, front doors, exterior trim, gutters, and shutters as well as metal lamp posts and window sills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The exterior paint for a 2000 sq. ft. home in Chantilly starts at $6,500; however, this price may increase depending on unforeseen siding damage and repairs needed, as well as the color selections and locations where the paint will be applied. We can provide you with an accurate quote after we inspect your home.
Most 3,000-square-foot exteriors can be painted within 4 to 5 days depending on the necessary prep work. For full home exterior painting jobs in Chantilly, we usually have a 7 day window. However, this may change depending on what your project requires and how big it is. In addition to a clear and concise quote, we will also offer you an accurate timeline for when your painting job will be completed.
We complete most exterior painting projects with our in-house team of trained painters.

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Here at EG Contracting, we realize that having your exterior painted in Chantilly is a huge ordeal. That’s why we only employ the bestt workers to complete the job efficiently and correctly. Our hassle-free process gets you started immediately, and our objective is for you to be content with your renovated space. We’re dedicated to guaranteeing that our customers are entirely pleased with their newly improved homes.

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